Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yes we're still alive

It's hard getting back into the swing of things after the break. Kyle returned to work on Monday and had to go to Bangor. Normally Bangor is an okay gig. They work twelves and they frequently get "atta boys" from the job (sometimes it's money!!). But this time they went WAY before the boat is supposed to show up so they are only working 8 hour days. It is a pain in the butt because he has to start work an hour and a half-ish early plus drive there and back (you know he normally walks). So he's gone at least an hour longer than a regular work day, he goes earlier, uses gas and puts wear and tear on the car leading to a sooner oil change. This means we are essentially taking money from our budget and time from home to work there. BLECH!!! Once they go to 12s money wise it will be nice, but then he switches to 5:30pm-6am (notice the extra half hour pre-midnight equates to no graveyeard shift differential) which makes sleep really impractical. Ever asked an almost 3 year old to play the quiet game?
SO the long and short of it is I've been discombobulated and haven't blogged. In fact I have only one picture even loaded into my Jan 2010 folder (i'm sure there are some on my camera still--it is 10 days into the month.)This photo is of the awesome handmade table runner I got for Christmas from Kyle's grandparents, made by Great-Gramma Joyce (great to Reese and Gus, regular grandma to Kyle--of course we all think she's great, she is a quilter after all).
Notice how clean my table is---and it still looks like this!!! Why? Because I have usurped the rolling laptop table (like a tv tray stand) that Kyle's grandparents gave to him!
I've been diligently working on our taxes from the comfort of the couch--okay and facebooking too. If you facebook friend me...Heather Bradley Benza...I need countrylife neighbors.

See the china closet there in the lefthand corner. We moved it there to make room for the Christmas tree in 2008 and never moved it back. Now the train table is in the spot this used to occupy, which is why we got the tree down Monday after Christmas. Kyle is touch up painting now, so in a few days I may actually have photos of the completed living room. We changed the furniture around too. It's still overtaken by baby gear: play mat, exersaucer, picnic table and toy basket and Reese's bean bag (Gus' is staying in his room for now as he is not a tv watcher).

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