Thursday, January 14, 2010

Angus at 6 months

I forgot to tell you Angus turned 6 months on December 26. He had his well baby check up the first week of January. He got 4 shots...we skipped the hep B this time so he could get seasonal flu and H1N1. He was pretty unhappy about that situation. Reese was super happy he wasn't due for any. Gus measured in at 14 pounds 5 ounces and 26 inches. He is firmly in the 3-10th percentile all around, but seems enormous to us. Look at these chunky legs? How can he be barely on the chart? We ran into an acquaintance who has a 3 month old bigger than Gus. It's so weird since he seems so big to us, but I guess he is going to be a pip squeak like his brother. I really hope they both get a decent grown up height.
This is Reese at 6 months old.

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JessieLeigh said...

Gus is cute as cute can be, but I had to giggle at the "chunky" legs. Have you SEEN our G's legs? She has such chunky monkey thighs that I powder between the folds to avoid chafing! ;)

G measured in at 16 lb 9 oz and 28 3/4" long at her 6 month-- 50th and 90th%, accordingly. The ped figures she'll pass C for sure, eventually. Time will tell!

Your boys are so cute together- Reese looks exactly the same to me as he did at 6 months! So sweet.