Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crazy Eats

We are easing into solids for Angus because he seems to have a sensitive tummy. Eliminating the grain cereal seems to have helped. Now we are adding them back in. This is what he thought of peas with oatmeal cereal.
He much preferred trying to chow down on this apple! He doesn't have teeth yet so he couldn't break the skin.
Reese's new favorite treat is "Santa!" known to most English speakers as candy canes.
Daddy let Gus have a taste.
You can't see his mouth here but he sure is smiling--I think he liked it!

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Julie said...

John Paul did not like any of the baby cereals. I just didn't give them to him. Even today, he gags on oatmeal, but Ethan will eat it up. Might be a texture thing.