Sunday, January 3, 2010

Painting the Living Room

Our living room corners had some cracking around the drywall tape. Kyle and Thomas fixed them on Sunday. Here's Kyle on Monday sanding and applying another coat of drywall mud. This shows the original paint color.

Our old paint did not wash very well so we decided to repaint the whole room in a semi-gloss. We figured we'd change the color while we were at it. On Tuesday here is the second of 2 coats of KILZ primer we used to cover the dark chocolate brown. We got the low VOC Kilz and it smelled way better than the tradtional Kilz. We sampled a green and deep purple as well as a brown slightly lighter than our original. We liked all 3, but I fogot to take a picture of the sample wall! We decided the green (guacamole) would look weird where it touched the sage from the kitchen. The deep purple looked like it would require too much reapplication like the red in the dining room and we really wanted to get it done already, so "pebbled pecan" is the color we chose.New Year's Eve...almost done. We stopped at midnight to toast the new year and finally finished at 3am.
Reese fell asleep on the plastic covered couch.
Finished! The ceiling looks kind of light brown on my computer but in real life it is a lovely shade of white called parchment paper. We used the No VOC Olympic paint from Lowe's--seriously no smell!

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