Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reese's Room

So after the Christmas haul we had to redo toy storage. I wanted this. See how it turned out:
This is the same name thing I've shown before I made with paper mache letters from Joanne's and scrapbook paper.

Here is the view from the door.

This is the same old original toy storage we had. I loved this at first, but it's a pain that you can't adjust the sizes. Those 5 open squares can hold only one toy, but if I could remove one divider I could fit 3 things instead of just 2. The bins have groups of stuff: tonka trucks and cars; small musical instruments (maracas, little tykes baby piano, toy drum etc); tool kit and medical kit; wooden blocks. Mr. Potato Head family, lacing beads etc on top. The Reese sign is right above this on the wall. He got new Cars bedding for Christmas that you can sort of see.

To the right of the bed is his drum set from last Christmas, Mimi replaced the broken cymbal. His book case is too full. Legos and puzzles are on the bottom...will have to move them but where? Ipod docking station on the top may have to move as well, but he likes too be able to turn it off/on himself so it will have to stay low. The basket is what we are currently reading.
You've seen this before as well. his preemie diaper and hat and 2 NICU photos around the wall sticker I bought from a home party wall sticker company--forget what it's called.
This is the toy thing we got instead of what I wanted (see link above). It's got 4 more bins than the Target and Lowe's one and was $20 less on sale--that's what won me over. The cars/trucks bin is essentially always empty because he is always playing with those. He sleeps with his cars actually. You can see his drums he got for this Christmas towards the right. All the way to the right is the potty chair -- we aren't doing it yet. That's the edge of a colors poster I bought for almost nothing at The Learning Tree then paid $10 to laminate at kinko's.
For now the motorcycle is an inside riding toy and it is about the most used $20 toy!

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