Sunday, November 16, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

The Barley Burritos from this week were a hit! We couldn't have spaghetti because Costco stopped selling the aidells meatballs and I can't find them anywhere else. We were unable to bring ourselves to eat it without our beloved meatballs. There are lots of other menu ideas at OrgJunkie, but this is what we're eating this week:

MONDAY: Ham Casserole that I made on Sunday night since tomorrow is my first ultrasound and Reese has speech.
TUESDAY: PJ's Organics Burritos Reese had Little Tykes today.
WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti Squash
THURSDAY: Stuffed Peppers
FRIDAY: leftovers
SATURDAY: Red Beans and Quinoa Chili
SUNDAY: leftovers

I will post recipes asap.

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