Monday, November 3, 2008

Kitchen Sink

We found a tiny leak in our kitchen sink about 2 days before Kyle left for San Diego, so we just left it and I didn't use that side of the sink. I figured between the Lowe's visit and the actual work we'd waste a whole day. Since I'd be the only one using the water I figured I could remember not to put water on that side. So we just got around to fixing it a week or so ago and then it leaked again. So Kyle decided this probably meant we should just get a whole new sink---it's been on the list for sometime in the future, so we just made that sometime now. Here's the installation:

Reese had a lot more fun than Kyle. Then the big test---it still leaked. Kyle was livid and ready to call a plumber (actually I left a message for our plumber--we've used him twice and I like him--Eagle Plumbing in Silverdale). But I decided to use my powered by google and discovered plumber's putty was the answer so off to Lowe's AGAIN. But by this time it was 6:30pm and no kitchen sink so we HAD to go to Big Apple Diner for dinner. YUM!
and here is the finished product. LOVE IT!!

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Wendy Ferrell said...

Nice sink! I think you have the same countertops as we do (same color & pattern). Cool! I've been to your house, but didn't remember the counters. :)