Saturday, November 1, 2008


We started halloween bright and early at Granddad's orthodontist appointment. He got his braces off after EIGHT long years just in time for the holiday candy rush. The ladies there really wanted to see Reese so we headed over in his costume. Then we visited the hairdo ladies, then on to Costco. Daddy got his flu shot. Reese says "how ya doing up there? I did it so I know you can too."
We also hit Walmart before heading for a nap. Then off to Mimi's house. hmm this looks interesting adn smells good.
come here you want to get in on this?
Of course no visit to Mimi's is complete without some time in Uncle Dylan's drums.We ended up getting a little more than 150 photos yesterday. Reese wore his costume from 10 am until about 9:30 pm except for an afternoon nap. He only complained about the hat part a time or two. Hopefully next year he'll like his costume as much AND be able to say trick or treat.

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Wendy Ferrell said...

I LOVE it that he wore his costume ALL DAY!!! Sooooooooo cute!!!