Friday, November 14, 2008

big boy room

We long ago got rid of the computer desk and moved our computers down to the basement. We recently got rid of the futon. We moved the bookcase and dvd case down to my sewing room to hold books. In the last few days we finally emptied the closet that was jam packed with stuff. So Daddy (with a smidge of help from Reese) is going to paint the closet and hang rods and shelves as this closet came bare.

I got some paper mache letters from the fabric store and some scrapbook paper to make his name for the wall. I may change the paper on the R, not sure how I like it.
I also got fabric to make curtains with blackout backing. If I can ever get some time to myself I may actually get them made. I am still searching fro some primary color flannel crib sheets to go on the toddler bed. AND we are procrastinating on painting his dresser that is waiting patiently in the basement. Reese loves to play in his room so I think he will make an easy transition from the nursery to the big boy room. My only concern is the lack of bars holding him in may mean nighttime or way too early morning wandering aroudn the house. So we'll see how it goes. I think we'll start with just napping in the big boy room.

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Melody said...

Hi. I've been lurking around here for awhile, but never had anything to comment about : )

Cute new room! Just thought I'd suggest Walmart for primary colored crib sheets. You get a park of two, one solid blue and one striped red, yellow, & blue. They are a tad bit softer than primary colors. The blue is more of a denim tone. They are totally cute and are only $10 for the pair!

Congrats on you new little bun in the oven!