Friday, June 20, 2008

what have we been doing?

Monday morning we headed down to Vancouver, WA. We stopped at the Chehalis Walmart on the way to potty and buy diapers since we left home without. We also forgot Reese's pack and play so he slept between us on the fold out couch--that was an error. The sweat ball moves a lot and makes a bunch of noise. The next morning (Tues) we had a "Sunday" breakfast. Reese was too distracted laughing at his great grandpa to focus on eating. Here he is Tuesday morning laughing in his booster seat .Shop Hop began on Wednesday. Great Grandma Joyce and I left at 9 am sharp to hit the quilt stores. Daddy, Reese and Great Grandpa Bob followed a couple of hours later and joined us at the Chehalis shop then on to lunch in Centralia. The boy was feeling a bit feverish and sleepy on Tues/Wed so here he is cooling off with a double strawed milkshake with Daddy.

Wednesday evening Kyle called me to say the boy's temperature was 103.5---I am still at shop hop of course, so I called the on call nurse for the pediatrician who advised that he could wait to be seen in the office tomorrow (no signs of dehydration, responsive though rag dollish). Thursday am his temp was 98.8 so GG Joyce and I headed off to meet my friend Laura in Kingston. We hopped the Kingston ferry and did the stores from Lynden to Everett. Candy Gram and GG Bob kept Reese while Kyle went to work. He called again to say it went up to 102.8, so Kyle took Reese in to the doc who determined the fever is a result of the vaccines he got last week. You recollect those perfectly safe ones we got on June 11th right? GRRR.....So Thursday I stayed home with the boy. Late in the afternoon Candy Gram and GG Bob took us (Reese, me and GG Joyce) to the stores in Silverdale, Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island. Here is Reese playing with his hairy ball and laughing at GG Bob while we drove to the stores.

Back at home and 102 again (by the way in case you're wondering yes we were giving him both tylenol and ibuprofen, but they only mildly helped) I put the boy in the tub. We generally let the faucet run and he plays in it. He had pushed the plug in so the tub started filling and then the grunt started. There wasn't enough time for the tub to drain so I snatched the boy up and stuck him on the toilet. Then I realized his penis is pointing at me so I situated him to let it point down. By now he was getting a little distressed so I bent to look around behind and see did any fall in the toilet and realized, no actually all the poop fell on the floor between the tub and toilet during the transfer--YUCK!!! So Reese had his first poop on the floor experience. But the bath did cool him down. He had a bottle and some cuddle time and went to sleep.

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