Saturday, June 28, 2008


It is safe to say the boy loves his new swimming pool.He liked it so much he forgot to notice he wore a hat for most of the time.
He really liked the sun and rainbow shade maker. The sun shines through and made his hand look the color of the rainbow stripe---that was fascinating for quite awhile.
After awhile he even got on all fours. I thought he may try to drink the water like a dog.

Now we are safely tucked away in our cool basement. According to Weather Bug we have an advisory:
ALERT 1 - Non Precipitation Advisory

Urgent - Weather Message National Weather Service Seattle WA 820 AM PDT Sat Jun 28 2008

East Puget Sound Lowlands-Everett And Vicinity- Seattle/Bremerton Area-Tacoma Area-

...Heat Advisory Now In Effect Until 9 PM PDT Sunday...

Oh no! 80 degrees and no rain! We need an advisory since the locals have no idea how to behave in such weather.

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Jen said...

This cracks me up about WA- 80 degrees and people are complaining about the unbearable heat. In CA, it was 110 this week. And I miss it (but only a little). What I really miss is sitting by a sparkling pool in a bikini ( I know, scandalous) using SPF 4 so I could get a nice dark tan. Take that, you Washingtonians.