Wednesday, June 25, 2008

milestones, milestones

On Father's Day, June 15, a new tooth appeared. i failed to get a good photo of it. In fact I couldn't even get one without Reese grabbing the camera. So you'll have to look real close. It's on top between his hand and his front tooth.

On the 22nd he took 2 steps. He has not really repeated the effort. He kind of tries but then he changes his mind and crawls instead. LAZY BUTT!!!
He officially sleeps through the night!!! Well, for almost 2 weeks minus the 103 fever nights. I must say it is absolutely glorious to sleep for more than 4 hours in a row. I actually have enough energy to get on the treadmill--2 days this week and it's only Wednesday!! Woo hoo! Although I think it's unlikely I'll reach my vacation goal of losing 20 pounds by July 10--I piddled away most of June.
We had our phone interview with Holly Ridge for "services" for developmental delays. They do not correct for prematurity so he actually qualifies across the board as 25% or more delayed. So they sent us some papers and we signed and returned, now they'll call us for an appointment and we'll go from there. Really I think his gross and fine motor skills are fine if you count from corrected age. But verbally he is not doing what he's supposed to yet, really I don't think that's a major issue at this point either. I do expect he'll catch up shortly. However I just read our friend, John Paul, is Mr. Know all his noggin parts! So maybe we better bust a move.

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Julie said...

Yes, but John Paul doesn't have very many words though. And good for you having him checked to see if he qualifies for services. I always think that any extra help for whatever reason can't be harmful! Maybe it is the teacher in me! Enjoy the weekend!