Wednesday, June 11, 2008

15 month well baby

I know he's almost 16 months and there's no such thing as a 15 month well baby, but we had one today. At the actual 15 month mark he had a cold so we didn't go. Of course I didn't know he would be snotty when I procrastinated on making the appointment. But ANYWAY we finally went today and got the 12 month live virus vaccines: measles, mumps, rubella, hep A, varicella. I've been dragging feet about it because I just don't whole heartedly trust that they won't have bad side effects and I think they give too many shots at once. So we split them--4 non-live virus vaccines at 12 months and 5 live virus ones at 15 months. He has a fever 100.4 and is a cranky butt, but he is sleeping quietly now.
He grew 1 inch since May 14 and gained 11 ounces. So he is 30 3/4 inches and 18 pounds 15 ounces. He is officially in the negative on the growth chart.
He does everything that's required to be considered "normal" except social communication. Though the pediatrician says she thinks he's very social and seems fine, since he didn't do the exact milestones: at least one word other than mama and dada that is for real a word (like not a grunt some crazy mother says is a word); follow directions to clap or peekaboo or wave bye bye without showing him the action---so yes he does all those things, but we do the motion first so it doesn't count as he has to follow the verbal command; give you one of his toys on command; point to what he wants..etc etc, so because he doesn't do those things he qualifies for "services", so we are getting a referral to our early intervention program---they do speech therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapies etc. We'll get assessed and if they recommend a therapy we'll do it since even though he PROBABLY is dandy and will get around to these things in his sweet time, it certainly will not hurt to get some feed back and practice things he should be doing.
He's 5 days away from 16 months old. It's hard to believe he's this old and big already. And if we're so amazed imagine how the parents of typically sized babies feel. Their 16 month olds are even bigger!

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