Saturday, June 14, 2008

Playtime on the Jungle Gym

We had mommies group at Anya's on Friday. Seven mommies and 11 kids under the age of 4 (and one still cooking for a couple more weeks.) We enjoyed some mom gabbing, baked potato bar, cake, brownies and outside playtime. Reese at the top of the slide.
Reese on the swingy thing that has it's own name I'm sure but I forget what it is--2 people can swing together.

Reese is the only big kid still not walking :( But he has fun playing with the other non-walkers--Austin born 5/24/08 and Abbey born 4/20/08. He does try to smack their heads sometimes. But he finds them quite amusing and giggles at them.
He's been a much better cooperator about wearing his glasses. I think he was really just too little to care about seeing far away before. Now he wants to see whats going on beyond his immediate area so he's been pretty good.from left: Heather and Reese, Julie (behind me), Jennica and Abbey, Cynthia and Ziva, Anya and Lincoln, Deborah and Devon.
Gabbing around the sandbox.

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