Tuesday, June 10, 2008

out of the loop

wow it's been awhile since i've posted. here's what's been happening. Reese has mostly gotten the hang of the juice box---occasionally he squeezes it and juice spurts out--actually I think he does this for amusement. I'm sick of the sippy cup. He won't hold it for himself except to shake it furiously, so I stuck a straw in a tupperware sippy spout and he can drink fine.Mommy got all organized. Cleaned out the diaper bag and reloaded it so it is ready to grab and go for any regular length outing. The beast unpacked it all. and was pretty impressed with himself.

He loves to color. He can get up and down from his table on his own. He rarely tries to eat the crayons.

He's not much for sitting still though.

The table standing is great fun!

Monday am (hopefully early) we will head down to Vancouver to visit the Great-Grandparents then on Wednesday am we will start shop hop in Vancouver and work our way up. GG Joyce is also a quilter and first time hopper so I'll show her the ropes. Unfortunately with gas prices as they are we will probably do less stores than last year (Kyle and I did 48). Also I will be unable to boost my fabric stash as I would like but what are ya gonna do. We decided to go with the non-hybrid Dodge Nitro instead of the hybrid Toyota Highlander because we just didn't dig it. But I sure do wish we had hybrid mileage in our Nitro. On Wednesday I plan to hit 2 Vancouver stores, one in Rochester, Longview, Castlerock, Chehalis, Centralia, Olympia, Lakewood, 3 in Tacoma and one in Gig Harbor. If time allows we'll do Port Orchard and Silverdale too.
Following this path we will miss Morton--which is a good store with GOOD prices--ugh!, but I want the most bang for the gasoline buck, so I'm making the sacrifice. Normally I start North and work my way down. But the first stores are almost all the way to the Canadian border--3 of them in Lynden and Bellingham are so excellent I could not possibly get out without a purchase, so we''ll just skip those.:( Anyway. Updates to come!

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Julie said...

Have fun! I can't wait to see what treasures you find!