Tuesday, June 3, 2008

crazy gas

On our way to Costco we passed lots of $4.19 for 87 octane options, so we went ahead to Costco where the boy had his churro fix. We waited about 30 minutes to buy gas at $3.99 per measly gallon. It is just stunning how many morons can't figure out how to buy gas at Costco and where is the attendant you may ask? Yeah I'd like to know what he's doing too.On our way home from Costco one of those $4.19 stations had changed their price to $4.25. We were gone maybe 2 hours total. But then as we rounded the corner next to the station we used to buy our gas from we noticed their price had skyrocketed to $4.29 in 2 hours!!!!
This really blows for my shop hop excursion. I won't be able to buy anything because all my spending money will be in the gas tank!!!! I'm super annoyed about this gas issue. However I must note that in our effort to conserve we did quite well. The last time we bought gas was 15 days ago. We usually go about every 8 days for normal activity, more frequently if we go someplace far. So we almost cut our normal in half and technically I was not on fumes so we coud have made it 16 days but we were at Costco today.

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