Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 16 = 15 months old!

Reese is 15 months old and busier than ever. While putting his clothes away I noticed a missing knob...low and behold there it was in his hand. I thought oh he must've been working at this for months and suddenly it was loose and came off. Oh silly Mommy--he worked diligently on every single knob once Daddy screwed the loose one back on. Then he moved on to the door stop. This provides endless entertainment until he eventually pushes the door closed and then he is not pleased.
Hmmmmm...what other mischief can I rustle up?
Having some yummy yummy chicken! Trying hard to get greasy fingers on the camera lens!
This was a shockingly sweltering day, so we went for a stroll around the neighborhood. Not sure if he actually looked at any of the sights because the sun was abnormally bright for his vampire eyes.

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