Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hot Saturday

We started the day with pancakes. Generally I put food on Reese's tray in increments, so less goes on the floor. The second round of pancake didn't get on his tray fast enough so he bent over and licked the tray (syrup was there)!! Of course by the time I got my camera from downstairs he wouldn't do it anymore. But you can see how pleased he was with his breakfast.He flatly refused to wear his glasses while playing.

Mommy and Daddy had a hard time getting going. We were still lazing on the couch when I realized I don't hear anything. He must be doing something bad. What did I find but my sweet boy "reading" Dr. Seuss in his bedroom.

After lunch we walked to Baskin & Robbins for some ice cream then came home for some art time. I found triangle shaped crayons so they won't roll on the floor and Reese tried them out for the first time today. Here is his masterpiece on the fridge:

He woke from a super late nap and was a total sweatball. He ate a bit but the kitchen was sweltering and he got super fussy, so Daddy gave Reese a bath while Mommy cooked dinner (foolishly in the oven) at 9:30 pm. he never wants to get out even after the water has been drained.

Now we are trying to get the boy in bed for the night. Yard work tomorrow!

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