Saturday, May 24, 2008

catch up

so, what have we been up to.......well, as I've mentioned I moved my computer downstairs so I can't hop it on it continuously throughout the day. I used to get on for 5 minutes here and there while Reese played. I could just leave it open and come back to it later. Now we have to go downstairs together or I wait for him to nap. Also I keep forgetting to take photos so I keep thinking "oh I'll take a photo of thing x and then blog"...well clearly it hasn't been happening. SO....Saturday we barbecued at my parents house since Uncle Travis came home from college. Sunday we did yard work ...we were hot and yucky and tired so we went to Boston's Pizza in downtown Bremerton. Reese really liked it!Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Daddy worked days for a training class. So he got home about 4:15pm everyday and we had the whole night to do stuff. We did laundry.
and played with the cool computer stuff.

Thursday was Daddy's 30th birthday. He's feeling very old. He got an accessory stand for his Bowflex and Reese helped him put it together.

He thought it was pretty great fun.

Wednesday we went to the Sylvan Library storytime. Reese squealed and laughed! He loved the Wheels on the Bus song. Then we went to visit with Matthew and his mom, Amy. Reese and Matthew played while the mommies caught up on life happenings. Matthew may have a baby brother as I write.
We used our economic stimulus money and father's day/mother's day, birthdays to get new laptops. Kyle got an HP with a blue cover and some swirly circle design. I got a Dell-this pink one with flowers on it. So we spent some time getting it set up. We actually had my computer friend come over and link up our wireless router with both our new laptops and the wireless printer and Kyle's old Laptop(we'll keep it upstairs for emergency look ups and recipe printing.) I'm packing up my old Dell desktop until Reese needs a computer.
We also saw Indiana Jones and the whatever crystal skull. I must say it was not my favorite of the series, but I did like it. Now we are anxiously awaiting Sex and the City:the movie. CAN"T WAIT!!!

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