Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is my weird cat...staring at the bathroom door. Seriously she sat here the entire time the door was closed while someone was in there. Her food bowl is also in there. I think she was stressed that instead of someone using the potty she believed her food bowl was being raided.Once the door opened she flashed inside to eat her dinner. This is what we had for dinner. The boys were so excited to be served dinner in a pumpkin! It was super tasty!!
You can find the recipe here from Taste of Home magazine. I got it from my friend, Julie, after she made it for a play date. Yum!!


anya said...

Love the blog post flashbacks. Doesn't it seem like that was a life time ago? Weird. I want to make that meal again- Yummy!

Susana said...

Funny about the cat. Our cats do weird stuff like that too. Cats are peculiar animals for sure.

I've been wanting to try some kind of recipe in a pumpkin over the next month, so thank you for the link.

Julie said...

I forgot about that one! I don't think i have made it since you all came over! Might have to pull it out again!