Thursday, October 20, 2011


These cute boys are really becoming friends. On the days we are home all day with no distractions they have been playing together very cooperatively. Yes sometimes, a lot of times, someone is snatching someone's toy and someone is shrieking. But more and more these two are building a fort together or running and jumping like Spiderman, though I'm not sure Gus knows he's being Spiderman, he may just be copying Reese.I'm so disappointed this photo is blurry, but I just can't delete it. They are so darn cute! This is Gus mimicking Reese's pose.
I love listening in on their conversations. It's so funny (and insightful) to hear what they have to say to each other. It cracks me up when they talk about why Daddy is at work (to make money to buy toys and pay for our house, food and pajamas, in that order). Reese is adamant that Gus label things properly which is super frustrating for him since Gus doesn't have all the language skills necessary for that yet. They can go in circles about things for quite some time.
Reese rarely wants to do anything without Gus. He's always quick to verify Gus is included in whatever plans we're making. I'm happy he wants to hang out with his little brother even when they play with other friends. I'm not sure it's even occurred to Gus that it's an option to do anything without Reese.

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