Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We went to an awesome pumpkin patch with some friends way out in Timbuktu. They had a mini maze made out of hay bales that worked really great for the preschool/toddler set.

There was a tricycle track with enough bikes for everyone to have a go round.
The barn had a jump in the hay area. This was a big hit though I found it a little stinky. Outside of this area were some llama, sheep and goats. I didn't get any photos of the animals because just as Gus threw down his hay after changing his mind about feeding the llama he got his very first bee sting. :(
Luckily I had a bee sting wipe in my trusty purse first aid kit that numbed it up a little. It worked well enough for him to carry on with the day though there was a good 15 minutes of crying about that boo boo. We checked out the pumpkins after we got calmed down.
Gus chose this green one beside Reese's foot. Reese chose a little sugar pumpkin to be Daddy's pumpkin and he got some kind of small seafoam green squash for himself. They would have liked the gigantic pumpkins but for some reason the wagons were all gone and I was not about to lug a 30 pound pumpkin to the pay counter a mile away (ok, maybe not a mile, but a long way.)
Then we climbed the hay tower for a photo shoot. Gus declined to climb it. I think the bee sting was making him less adventurous than normal.
It was quite an uncoordinated photo shoot.
I think this was the best group shot.
But this was the best display of Reese's spidey moves. I cropped it to make sure you could really get a good look.
It was really sunny and only a little chilly when the wind picked up. Overall, it was a perfect pumpkin patch day. I was quite happy to find it totally dry as well, so I didn't have to haul muddy pumpkins or clean muddy boots.
"That's all folks!"

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