Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hangin' with Dad

The new favorite pastime: Madden Football on the PS3. Notice Gus is using an Xbox controller so he doesn't mess up the game but he thinks he's playing. I'm not really sure what Reese does with his controller...maybe Kyle popped out the battery.
Another much loved activity is eating popcorn and "watching" a movie. I use this term loosely because Gus just eats the popcorn then runs around like a crazy person. This is his "NO PICTURE!" pose.
Finally I got a nice smile from Reese, but it's a little blurry. Generally I get a wretched forced, grated teeth style smile, so I'm going with this even though it's not sharp. He actually looks like the sweet boy that he is.The only way to get a Gus face in a photo is to catch him stuffing the popcorn in..his hand is too busy to block my camera.


The White House said...

Love the NO picture. sometimes you just gotta keep those! Did they get new boots from costco? I saw kids fuggs there!

Susana said...

Well, in this post Reese looks older to me!!

Our boys think it is the best here too to play video games with Jamie and eat popcorn :-). Funny--definitely guy things!! These are cute pictures you got of them.