Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birthday Revisted

At Gus' party Reese was very careful to eat around the cow when he started. But the cow did eventually have to come off so he could eat all the frosting. I forgot to include this photo the other day. I think Reese looks so darn cute in this and his eyes look exceptionally blue.
Since my birthday was the 6th we did a combo celebration with Gus. We also went out to the Melting Pot back on Kyle's birthday as a joint birthday dinner. My dad gave me an espresso maker. Here is standing in as Vanna White for one of my first mochas. Yum! Then we hit Macy's. The boys and Kyle gave me a bathing suit and 2 cover ups (I actually bought them using the house budget and wrapped them--ha ha). One still had the security tag on it when we got home, so I had to have that removed. I traded in a nightgown from Kyle's mom for a pants/top pj combo, swapped a size on an outfit for Gus and used my gift card from Kyle's mom to buy a bra to go with a dress from my mom as well as 2 new summer shirts. For whatever reason Reese insisted on sitting in the front chair portion of the stroller. I said we'd let Gus try to sit on the sit and stand portion but he was tired so we'd probably have to switch. No need! He slept holding on!
Look at that poor pathetic boy, sleeping holding on while mommy wais in a shopping frenzy.


JessieLeigh said...

That is a classic shot of Gus! He looks "heftier" than usual in that picture... must be the angle. :)

My Family My Forever said...

That mocha looks super yummy!

OK, the picture of Gus sleeping in the stroller is priceless!