Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lavender Festival

On Friday Grandma took us up to Sequim to the Lavender Festival. It was overcast and chilly which turned out to be perfect. By the end of the day it got hot and sunny. I realized there was no way we could've made it nearly as long in a heat wave.Reese ran through the lavender
He tried out the giant old John Deere.
He smelled lots of lavender.
He ran through more fields...
and smelled more flowers.
There were tons of vendors and lots to buy. We ended up getting fudge and a metalwork sun to hang on the house...I'll show you a photo of that when we get it hung up. The boys did really well. About 2:45 pm (he started at 9) after $8 worth of fudge and no nap Reese finally started getting crazy. He did settle back down, so overall he did great!

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My Family My Forever said...

These pictures are beautiful Heather!