Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gus at Play

Gus just loves playing with these stacking alphabet blocks. Mostly he likes me to stack them so he can knock them down. We brought them out for Reese because they have the alphabet grouped in 3 letter clusters...one side is ABC, side 2 is A with an apple, side 3 is B with a butterfly, side 4 is C with a cat...and so on through the alphabet starting with the biggest block to the smallest. I thought they'd be good to help him keep the letters in order. Gus pretty much has claimed this as his own.
He has also really been enjoying riding the zebra. He does not get on by himself, but he can keep himself upright to ride and then get down on his own when he's finished. He has suddenly really started playing with toys. Of course Reese is a big distraction, so he actually doesn't get a lot of uninterrupted play time to focus on his own activity. He's too busy checking out what Reese is up to. I think he will really enjoy being able do everything Reese can do.
He has taken to smiling when the camera comes out!

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JessieLeigh said...

So precious! We have those stacking blocks too and all 3 of my kids like to play with them. Does Reese ever build towers for Gus to knock down? A & C are pretty good about doing that for G. But they're a little older...