Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Dinner

Kyle's birthday was last weekend. He turned 32. Since my birthday is in July we had a joint birthday dinner at The Melting Pot. This was the first visit for both of us. We had yummy Love Matini's (coconut rum, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and a heart shaped strawberry), the cheese course, main course and chocolate course. Our main course had lobster, beef sirloin, pork loin, ahi tuna, key lime shrimp, chicken, and veggie dumplings. For the chocolate course we got the bananas foster and the milk chocolate with peanut butter. Both were super yummy!! It was very good. Kyle's mom bought the cookbook while we were there so hopefully we will make time to try having some of their fondues at home!!!


Our Journey to Forever said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby:-)!

We LOVE The Melting Pot! Don't make it there as often as we used to:-), but we sure do enjoy our fondue at home lots. You will LOVE that cookbook!

Your dinner, I know, was amazing b/c we've tried that one before too.

Hope you had a blast, and have a great Memorial Day weekend too.

Julie said...

Oh I might just have to get a recipe or two from you!! I didn't know that they sell a Melting Pot cookbook. It has been an anniversary date for us a couple of times, and on Easter, we were planning on going just for the dessert--BUT--the Melting Pot in Omaha CLOSED the weekend before! So we bought our own fondue pot instead. Probably cheaper!