Friday, May 21, 2010

UW High Risk Infant followup Clinic

On Wednesday Reese had his 3 year old assessment at the UW High Risk Infant Clinic. This is where they followup with high-risk infant like preemies to assess how they are progressing and determine if they need any additional services. The appointments are scheduled based on what their age should be if they were born full term. Reese was due in May so we had our appointment this week. Though he has been 3 years old for 3 months, from the moment of conception he just turned 3. They want him to test at 3 years 0 months.
Reese had appointments at 4 months, 12 months (we got to skip 8 because he was doing well), 24 months and now 36 months. Last year he was pretty significantly delayed. I just tried to locate a blog post about it and apparently I didn't...weird! Maybe I was traumatized by how far behind he was. He is first seen by a developmental pediatrician who is really looking for steady growth on his own personal curve (i.e. staying at 3rd percentile for weight is a-ok, but suddenly dropping is not.) He asked a million questions about his growth and development: using silverware, cup, sicknesses, hearing, vision etc etc. No problems!
He also sees a developmental psychologist who performs the Stanford-Binet, Peabody Picture Vocabulary and Beery Drawing tests. Reese tested at 3 years 1-2 months for all 3 tests! To be at level he only needed to test 3 years 0 months! The doctor said he had made "remarkable" progress. Woo Hoo! He also said it is not typical that children test the at the same level on all 3 tests, so he was very happy with Reese's progress. They recommend we keep up with the preschool and private speech and expect him to be completely "caught up" by kindergarten.
Hooray!!! We are so happy the services he's been receiving have been working. It definitely validates our choices, so we feel confident we've been doing the right things.
These photos are of Reese playing with his new favorite: Iron Man!

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JessieLeigh said...

That is absolutely WONDERFUL news! I can't imagine anything more fulfilling to hear as the parent of a baby born so very early (with all those scary odds...) High five to Reese and hugs to you, Mama... good job!