Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

We have seriously got to get back into the swing of normal post-sickness life. (Potentially TMI) Last week Reese missed 2 full days of school and Thursday the teacher called to have him picked up early. I can't ever remember a time when we have had one sick spell after another all back to back. First it was Gus and I with snotty colds and Reese got it. Then I had nausea and the "d-word" and continued snotty cold. Then Kyle came home from work vomiting and "d word." Reese kept having a fever and snot and feeling blechy. Then last week Reese had a Monday night big boy vomit fest ---the first time for us, so I probably shouldn't be complaining---but O.M.G. GROSS!! All over my hand, arm, Reese's arms, chest, Kyle's pillow and the surrounding sheet. So one $120 tempurpedic pillow replacement later I think his issue was the recalled Yuma, AZ lettuce infected with e. coli. I wonder if I can get them to reimburse us for the pillow? UGH! Hopefully this week we'll remain healthy!
Monday: leftovers
Tuesday: Asparagus and Ham Lasagna this is seriously the best dish ever!
Wednesday: All day appointment at UW High Risk Infant follow-up clinic
Thursday: Chicken tetrazini I am going to throw in asparagus for a one dish meal
Friday: jambalaya--I use zatarain's with turkey keilbasa and shrimp
Saturday: Kyle's birthday at The Melting Pot
Sunday: homemade pizza

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