Monday, March 1, 2010

lots of school

Wow school sure takes up a lot of time! Reese really enjoys playground time. One day they got to ride bikes. He's off to the races!!Do you see the size of his classmate compared to him?! I am still a little unsettled by how big all the other kids are, but Reese seems to be assimilating fine so I'm trying to get over it.
During one part of the day they get free activity time. The speech and occupational therapists may work with them during this time or observe how they play. Reese is using the sensory table (trucks and scoops in a bin of rice). In the background you can see 2 kids at the computers.One of the other options is this water table. If only it had a running faucet Reese would be in hog heaven!
Though we are somewhat consumed by school...going to it, getting ready for it, eating and sleeping on a schedule so we can go to it again.....Gus is doing cool stuff too!
Check out his 8 month photo. He has been getting up on all fours since the 21st and now can do it pretty effortlessly. He rocks furiously and scootches backward, but can't seem to get the forward crawl going just yet, but I imagine anytime now he'll be zooming. He goes backwards pretty far. Somehow he always seems to get himself under Reese's picnic table. I will try to get a photo of that soon.

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