Friday, February 26, 2010

1st day of Big Boy School

When Reese turned 3 he officially graduated from the birth to age 3 program. Now he'll get services from the school district. That means he attends preschool at a local elementary school. The school is about 4 minutes away, which is very convenient. Class meets at 8:15am, UGH!
His first day was Monday.
He looks so little at the big doors!Once their coats are off they practice writing their names. Then he dove right into the legos. They play while they wait for the buses to arrive. They have a morning circle time to discuss the month, days of the week, & weather. They do some counting (to the day's date) and patterning (color sequence of what the date is written on). Then they wash their hands, have breakfast, brush their teeth and go outside!This of course was Reese's favorite part.He had no problems getting up the giant slide steps.He loved this part. After outside time they wash hands and have more circle time--alphabet stuff and a story or discussion about how to deal with feelings, or music class. They have free play choice: sensory table or water table or computer games or books or a variety of toys. At some point in the week the speech therapist and OT therapist will pull him out for individual time or they may incorporate stuff into class time. Then they wash hands and eat lunch. It's so cute! They serve family style and the kids serve themselves -- with serving spoons or tongs. They have to ask to be excused (or attempt to say it) and then scrape their plates in the trash and separate their dishes into buckets. Then HOME!
Mommy and Grandpop attended Monday and Tuesday. Mommy and Daddy attended on Wednesday and then on Thursday Reese stayed all by himself! It was an exhausting week. We are ready for a 3 day weekend to recuperate!

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