Monday, February 15, 2010

Organic Veggies

We have been trying to eat mostly organic veggies for awhile now, but lots of times it's hit or miss what's available. My friend, Anya, turned me onto Wildly Organic. We got our first drop on Wednesday.
We ordered a Veggie Pak, but you can get fruit or fruit and veggie. They dropped off a rubbermaid tote packed full on our back porch. It was all just lovely--I hate it when produce is beat up and ugly.
We got a TON of veggies! We had a yummy rainbow chard frittata with sliced mango (I actually discovered I don't like mango, but Reese did). I used the carrots and celery with roasted chicken and a beef roast. I used the leeks to make potato soup. We used the red onion on salads and the beautiful red lettuce for sandwiches and salad. We ate some broccoli with chicken and stuffing. We still have zucchini left. I am going to make this cheesy zucchini red pepper meal. We also have a bunch of spinach. I think I may make another fritatta or quiche along with some mushrooms. I substituted some things I didn't want on the delivery list-- like beets and turnips. That's how we got the mango and bananas in our "veggie" pak. Reese loves bananas again. He had been on an apple kick of late and refused to eat banana anymore. We also have some cauliflower left. I think I'll make a curried cauliflower--still trolling the net for recipes. Then I think the only other thing we have left is butternut squash. I got a bunch of recipes from the same blog as the zucchini recipe that I am debating.
We can't wait for our next delivery. The only thing is it makes menu planning difficult since we have to wait until Wednesday for our delivery. Okay it doesn't effect my ability to plan--it affects Menu Plan Monday in the blog world.
The Plan:
Monday: Potato Soup
Tuesday: my recipe made 5 quarts so...potato soup
Wednesday: cheesy zucchini red pepper barley bake
Thursday: Fajitas
Friday: Ribs in the crock pot, curried cauliflower, baked butternut squash (I'll still have one left for a fancy recipe)
Saturday: out to eat
Sunday: Reese's birthday party---not positive what we'll be eating yet.

See more ideas at orgjunkie!

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