Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reese is THREE!!!

Wow, this little guy...
...turned 3 years old today.It's so shocking to think 3 whole years have passed. Our first baby is not a baby anymore. Yet it's also shocking to realize it's only been 3 years?! It seems like he has always been in our lives.
Three years ago today I was in my 6th month of pregnancy. On my 16th day as an inpatient at the UWMC antepartum unit Reese was delivered via c-section and then taken to the NICU. When he was a few hours old the neonatology resident came down to my room to let us know he was a "fire cracker." At 7 hours old I got to go see him for the first time. At 4 days old I held him for the first time. Kyle finally held him at 9 days old. At 2 months old we brought him home.
3 years later he enjoyed a birthday donut covered in sprinkles in the morning...and a cup of hot cocoa as a bedtime treat.

We can't imagine a sweeter little boy.


Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Reece!

The White House said...