Friday, March 26, 2010

Let Me Check My Social Calendar

Wowzer we sure have been busy!! Since Reese "graduated" from the birth to 3 program we don't get to see his classmates very much. Of course those are the moms I know since we frequently sit in the parent room during class and chat while waiting for our kids. So, we've been trying to have some playdates. We finally got together with Reese's old classmate, Optimus.
Babies Gus and Magnus had fun in the wagon...though Reese did not want Gus to share his toys. He kept taking breaks to rush back over to the wagon to retrieve toys from Magnus' grasp and say "NO! Gus toys!" (wooo hooo! This counts as a sentence! albeit not the nicest one.)
Gus really didn't get all the hulabaloo and was happy to share with another baby closer to his own size.
It was super sunny though a little breezy down by the water...this is the Silverdale Waterfront Park.

We also had a playdate with Matthew (less than a month older than Reese) and his younger brother, Austin, though I forgot to take photos. We played and had lunch at their house.
A few days later we had another playdate with Sammi. We got our free cone at Ben and Jerry's and then hit the Gig Harbor City Park for awhile. Gus was such a good boy laying on his blanket. He kept trying to get to the edge to reach the bark and then started all over again when I moved him back. Reese and Sammi played super well together and I'm pretty sure this was their first meeting. Then we hit The Blazing Onion for dinner.
Finally we met at Blueberry Park with Liam and Finn (a few weeks younger than Reese) for some McDonald's and playing on the equipment. Reese remembered to bring his football to this park since they have a lot of grass area.
We've had a friend filled couple of weeks! And now we are on Spring Break, so we have some room on our dance cards! Who wants to play?

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