Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gus is trying to crawl

Wow I have taken less than 10 photos in March...oops.
Reese's school schedule has kind of wiped us out. He is attending Monday through Thursday from 8:15-11:45AM except we usually get there at 8:30 because 8:15-8:30 is free play while they wait for everyone to arrive. I don't see the point in waking up earlier to get there for that...we have legos at home...and germ free ones at that. So...we are kind of more tired when we are awake and we go to bed earlier so I guess we haven't been doing any photo worthy activities.
But Gus sure is trying!
He gets up on his knees effortlessly now. The first time he was successful was February 21st. He rocks back and forth and tries to pick up one knee but can't quite get the knees and hands coordinated. Sometimes when he gets on his knees he'll flatten back out on his tummy, then back to his knees...gaining a few precious centimeters with each rotation. Sometimes he scoots backward until he gets his legs completely under something. He's on his way to getting under the tv cabinet here.
Gus is such a happy little guy. He thinks his brother his hysterically funny and loves watching everything Reese does. I think he also enjoys his Reese-free time with Mommy and Daddy though.

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