Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Big

It's amazing how quickly both boys are getting big. Reese just had his 3 year old well child doctor visit. He is now 27 pounds and 37 inches. He has grown since Christmas! Reese's pediatrician said in her experience 30 minutes a week of speech is not particularly helpful. She gave us a referral to an outside speech therapist. We are actually already on the waiting list for summer when school is out. We were on the fence about whether we should do speech during the school year, but the pediatrician thinks we should. So we'll get the plan set up next week.

Gus is getting so big too. He has moved on from eating toys to actually playing with them. Okay so he still eats toys, but he spends more time actually playing now too.
He is still working on crawling. He does the rocking back and forth on his knees. He'll even lift one knee in a crawling forward motion, so I expect any time now we'll have to mobile boys.

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Julie said...

Gus is incredibly cute!!! I also love this age! And I think Reece might be as tall as JP! Miss you guys!