Friday, March 12, 2010

Sand Box

We jinxed the weather with our outdoor fun! We had a downright balmy February so we've been anxious to get outside. Of course now it's freezing (and snowing) again! But we did get some playtime in during the sunny days.
Our Kmart is going out of business, so we popped in and found the sandbox we wanted for 20% off so we snagged it and some sand.Reese loves to move the sand into the bucket...scooping is a favorite.He also liked the new sand trucks Daddy picked out for him.
Reese loves playing on the playground at school. He can't get enough of playing outside, so he has been super exited about his new sand box. He even wants to play in the rain. Too bad his mom is an indoor girl.

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The White House said...

Way cute sand box! We're so over the sand box and not spending any more money on sand b/c it just ends up in the grass and kitchen floor. I think it would work better if it was a bigger sand box like we had at Anya's old house... but who knows maybe your boys aren't the dumping sand type. It's soooo stinkin' cute though!