Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Reese got a train table from Mimi and Poppop who so graciously brought it over in the box so we could put it together. UGH! The furniture portion went together in a jiffy but the tracks and the town pieces took forever!
Since we didn't really want to start building when Kyle cam home from work at 12:30AM and we have to go to Kyle's parents' house Christmas Eve and mine Christmas day we just built it Sunday night. Monday morning on his way from his room to ours he found his train table waiting and ready. Immediately I heard shouts, "Santa! Santa! Santa!" We told him Mimi and Poppop brought this over after he went to bed last night so he could go ahead and start playing today instead of waiting for Christmas. As Gus had me up twice I did not jump up to get the camera immediately. This is about an hour and 45 minutes later.
He played about 2 1/2 hours when we finally took a break to eat. Then he played some more! The tracks fit Thomas the Train, but it comes with 100 playing pieces of it's own including a train, boat, airplane, helicopter and landing pad, cars, trucks, a bus, fire house, police station, gas station, construction business and trucks, a crane, people, trees, street signs and even a park bench and basketball hoop! He loves it! and we like it WAY better than the Thomas the Train table or the Imaginarium one. Perhaps now we can focus on choosing books at Barnes and Noble instead of playing with the trains.

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