Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reindeer at Mimi's

We made a more cookies at Mimi's (snickerdoodles and reese's peanut butter cookies). While we were there we tried on the reindeer ears.

Both boys also took some rides on Maddie. Reese was pretty relentless in his pursuit of the dog. One missed photo op was Maddie in the reindeer ears with all of her dog toys piled up at her feet courtesy of Reese's insistence she play.

Everyone was tuckered out after this play date.


Anonymous said...

ok enough of the months old for Reese..when he is 18 will u be writting Reese is 216 months old

Heather Benza said...

ha ha No I will not report 216 months because at age 18 the difference between 18 and 1 month vs. 18 and 10 months should be essentially nothing, while the difference between 24 months and 34 months is astronomical though still age 2 in years.

Anonymous said...