Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at the "Old Benza's"

Back when we were buying a new house, Kyle's parents were too. We both had stuff at the same storage place (they had ALL their household goods there, so many units). The first time the storage people met us they said "OH! You're the young Benza's!" She was quite embarrassed that this sort of implied his parents were the "OLD" Benza's but I thought it was pretty funny. So we went over to the old Benza's house about 2 pm Christmas Eve. We had some snacks, opened gifts and had a prime rib dinner.Reese patiently passed out gifts (guessing they were choos choos) and waited while everyone opened.He offered his over the top "CHEESE" face for a photo...gritted teeth and squeezed closed eyes.Gus played patiently in his portable exersaucer--Pop-a-Tot.Reese's highlight was his Remo Gathering Drum, Tom Tom floor drum and Bongos.Gus is tuckered out.Grandpa was storing his up.Reese and Daddy watching The Christmas Story.Reese's loot.Gus' loot. Great Grandma Joyce made that bear...don't you think she should open an Etsy store?!
Somehow we managed to get no decent photos of Granddad or Candy Gram and I just don't have the energy to fiddle with photoshop to try to fix the lighting right now. So rest assured they were there and so was I!

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