Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa came to our house!!

Santa came to our house on Christmas Eve-Eve, so we can open his gifts Christmas Eve morning. Luckily Kyle had a last minute testing session scheduled at noon today, since he went in early he got off early. Also luckily, Reese failed to nap today. So Kyle and Reese watched Prep and Landing one last time before bed while I started wrapping. Then we realized the 2 things we needed to build were a lot more invlolved than we thought. So 1:30am we finished. Phew--good thing we didn't start at midnight:30 when Kyle normally gets home.
Reese put up the last of the Christmas Countdown Cookies (really it was for tomorrow, but we did one in the morning and one at night so he didn't realize we doubled up today.)Gus thought it was pretty exciting stuff.
Gus' stuff is on the right--the giraffe, a gift and then a blue ball...the rest is Reese's stuff. hmm...I think Santa got a little carried away since this is the first year Reese really "gets" it.Train table is from Mimi and Poppop---SOOO Happy we decided to build this Sunday and let him discover it Monday. Otherwise we'd have still been working when he woke up!!Stockings, notice mom and dad's are FLAT. The wagon is from Grandpa Joe in Virginia. We've had this since he visited at Thanksgiving but just decided to build it tonight because I thought we only had to add the handle---what a pain in the butt getting the tire end caps on. I am very excited about the Land of Nod bean bags. I know Gus will have no idea what it is, but I'm hoping Reese is excited. Reese got blue and Gus got brown.
Notice the trend in grandparents giving us the stuff to build? Blech! I think it may be worth the extra bucks to have toys r us build it for you! In fact my dad moaning about building my Barbie Dream House (at least a year or 2 after I got it) for my Christmas present was actually what confirmed my growing suspicions about Santa --I won't admit how ridiculously old I was.

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Susana said...

You will have to let me know how you like the Land of Nod bean bags. I love their stuff and want to get a bean bag for Joe's room soon.

I love your Chrismtas pictures of family fun you had, and your tree looks so bright and pretty!

I hope you have a very fun New Year's Eve and Day together with your family.