Friday, February 6, 2009

So what'd we do this week?

Reese is CONSTANTLY in the bathroom doing annoying things of late. Throwing toys in the cat's bowl for example:
Unfortunately, he also enjoys climbing up on the toilet and messing with my stuff in the cabinet above. He was trying to get into my little drawers of makeup stuff and accidentally knocked it all on the floor. Following the crash I could hear frantic cries "UH-OH!!UH-OH!!!!" and then I discovered ALL my makeup brushes on the floor behind the toilet and between the toilet and sink and TOUCHING the plunger. I have since purchased brush cleaner and thoroughly disinfected them all so I won't have plunger juice on my makeup brushes----Barforama!

On Superbowl Sunday he enjoyed a beer (empty bottle) while investigating the squirrels outside. He played with toys more than watch the game. But he did join in with the Marine Corps band and The E Street Band on his toy drum (I couldn't capture a photo of that).
Tuesday we had his post-operative appointment with the surgeon in Bellevue. As we were in the car waiting for Dad to run back in the house for my cell phone I looked over and saw this: a real, live dead possum in our yard! UGH! By that I mean not playing dead but really truly dead---gross!!!

After he got a clean bill of groin health we hit the Guitar Center in Tacoma where Reese tried out the drums.

At home he's really been enjoying playing in the laundry baskets.
drumming, of course.

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Wendy Ferrell said...

I LOVE the happy drumming expression on his face!!! He's got the musical talent!!