Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mudroom Makeover

Our "mudroom" is really the space just inside the basement door that we use as the main entrance into/out of the house. It has not been particularly attractive, but it opens to the driveway where we park, so it's been convenient. It also eliminates a bunch of filth on the kitchen floor that would accumulate if we entered via the kitchen door. So we finally decided this Christmas break we'd transform it into a proper mudroom. Here's before (not at it's worst) with tools and supplies and random (lamp, litter, toys) things.Reese is through "helping" for the moment and headed upstairs.

This is the shoe rack immediately in the doorway. Kyle's most used shoes on top so he doesn't have to bend. Then Reese's collection, then mommy's most used for the moment (I still have my ladybug converse that have laces and my adidas with laces--I may soon switch strictly to slip on) and some empty space for guests.

To the left of the door is our key basket and alarm keypad and little pegs for Reese's coats and grocery/totes etc. That is white beadboard on the upper wall, the black Rhino coating (love this stuff) on the bottom.The little squares at the corners of the window have stars.

From the last picture we are moving left. That is my coat peg rack I got at the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show in Sister's Oregon last summer. Under is our new shoe bench so you can actually sit to put on shoes--yippee, not too sure how much longer my expanding waistline will allow me to squish up to bend over tying my shoes! To the left you can kind of see the same type of racks that are beside the door---but these are filled with mommy shoes.

To the left of the mommy shoe rack is our remove your shoes sign we got in Hawaii on our belated honeymoon/trip to my friend's wedding the summer of '06.

Here I kind of just stepped back--the door is to the right and the Hawaii sign is on the post beam on the left side of the photo.


The White House said...

sooooooooo cute! you make me want to organize my garage. i have been told that the van is too long for the garage....so i want it to be a giant mudroom!

Org Junkie said...

Yay! It looks great and so functional!

Well done :)