Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday Boy hits the TERRIFIC Twos

We had Reese's birthday party on Monday---he turned 2!!Here we are keeping his hands out of the fire while we sing--ignore that mommy looks gross.
Birthday Boy and Candy Gram.
Grandad and Birthday Boy
Poppop and Birthday Boy.

cupcakes are yummy
waiting patiently while daddy helps unwrapReese really likes riding his new tricyclepracticing shooting hoops and making sure the audience saw it all.

okay I did upload more photos but as I type in the captions the cursor is jumping all around the page (and I look at the keyboard like a loser typist) so then I have to erase half words from the middle of previous things and I accidentally lost 6 photos. I am super frustrated, so I am stopping and will add more tomorrow.

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