Sunday, February 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

We filed our taxes wooo hoooo! So glad that is done. I was really remiss in photo taking this week. Reese had an eye doctor appointment Monday that Kyle didn't go to and it's difficult to hold him on my lap, keep his hands out of the way of the annoying things the doctor does to his face AND take photos. We also ordered new goggles for him that day. Tuesday Kyle had a dentist appointment while Reese and I went to Holly Ridge. Wednesday I had an appointment with my regular OB--may be some new news on that front, but I'm waiting for a call back tomorrow or Tuesday. Friday since my first trimester is over I finally got my hair done! No more roots!!! Reese had a great time at Mimi's playing with Mimi and the uncles and Madison the dog Reese calls "kitty." Oh and I forgot Reese was sick so we went to his pediatrician Wednesday and spent that evening and all of Thursday cuddled on the couch in misery. Now he feels a little better but the cough, sneeze and snot kicked in--ugh!!! And finally we had a Super Bowl party of just us at Kyle's parents---we were rooting for the underdogs--bummer, but glad they made a respectable showing their first time out. So onto the menu for this week:

Monday: Pizza Bagels
Tuesday: Leftovers from Superbowl
Wednesday: Beef Stew--I kind of just throw veggies in and use V-8 juice and chicken stock
Thursday: Black Bean, barley and corn burritos
Friday: Fried rice and egg rolls
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: Hamburgers (hopefully on the grill), sweet potato fries, salad

If you are in need of new menu selections check out what everyone else is having at Organizing Junkie.

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