Friday, February 22, 2008

WOW Changing Fast

It seems like something new is achieved everyday, more than one thing actually.
Reese discovered he likes apples. He can't really bite it but he rubs his sore gums on it and licks and slobbers on it quite effectively. Well enough that it officially becomes his and no one else can eat on it.
He mastered my pillow barricades the same day I erected them. I was hoping to keep him out of the kitchen where the kitty litter is unless we are in there, but he just barrels right over them.
He is giving Tara a run for her money in the speed department now. She has to jump on the couch to get away but this week he successfully pulled himself up on the couch, so that may not work much longer. He also waved to several people--Mimi, Grandad, the costco checker. And Candy Gram thinks he said "Hi" more than once. He hasn't done that at home yet, so we'll see what happens.

He was supposed to be born in the year of the pig and so he got a stuffed animal before he was born of a pig. Then he came about 5 days before pig started (so he's year of the dog), but he thinks his piggy stuffed animal is super funny.

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Jeffry & Amy said...

Reese! You're such a stud!!! I love you're laugh! Love,'re BFF!