Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hmm....what's this slimyness?

I talked with my friend, Anna, in Connecticut whose son was born in May (Reese's due date). She gives her son cut up bananas and sweet potato, etc. Since her baby is Reese's corrected age I guess I've been too cautious with food. But baby food and purees are so much easier---there is no retching and gagging and projectile vomiting. So anyway, today we tried banana just cut into small pieces. It was a bit slimy for him to get a grip on it so Kyle offered up a spoonful.He's not too sure about it. He spit out several bites, not sure if he ingested any at all really. He also had a few gerber star shaped puffs (Also recommended by Anna) He liked those well enough. He got to try out his new high chair tray. We had planned to just push him up to the table, but with that set up there is only a lap belt and no sides to hold him in. Candy Gram did not approve of my bathrobe belt as the only thing between her grandson and splatting on the floor so she ordered the tray which also has a between the legs brace, so he's very secure now.
Reese has had a fever since yesterday. The highest was 102. I would've taken him to the pediatrician for that, but since it was night that wasn't an option. I didn't think it warranted an ER visit. SO.........he has whined and whimpered and been generally needy. I held him today the entire time Kyle was at work except once for a potty break and the 20 minutes I tried to make him sleep in his crib while I debated the political candidates on the phone with my friend. Shannon. Apparently we have a caucus on Saturday but our ballots aren't due until the 19th, so I'm very confused....I suspect our primary votes will mean zilch and I'm pretty offended. I mean really, what's so special about New Hampshire-ians? It's sort of overwhelming with so many candidates, but I am kind of excited that we still have so many choices. I feel like last election was already narrowed to the ticket runners by this time.
So anyway, I did nothing but hold Reese all day, so my wonderful hubby is out braving the snowy roads to procure us some highly fattening sustenance.

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anya* said...

sorry reese isnt feeling well.
going to the caucus is the only way you get a vote to count if you are a democrat. the primary is a beauty pageant and doesnt mean or count towards anything for the democrates. the republicans use the primary to pick their delegates. if you cant attend the causcus and you are a democrate, you should vote republican in the primary and use it to sway the vote. you can do this bc our state doesnt require you to choose a party with voter registration.