Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sorry, no photo. Just writing to let you know we moments from death from this crappy flu. And no I did not get the flu shot, but Reese did as did the only sick person I've encountered in the previous week. SO, we have a strain not covered in the shot and let me just say it totally sucks. I went to the doctor Friday and got the new flu meds and took my first dose about 20 hours after the tightness in my chest began. Kyle went the next day and started his first dose about 8 hours after his chest tightness began. I am dying and he feels basically normal. SO the moral of this story is don't piddle around. If you feel tight, wheezy (actually I think the wheezy part came a little later), headache or fever go to the doctor asap and get the flu meds. You have a small window from onset in which they can even prescribe the meds, but clearly the quicker you get it going the better. I had a 101 fever for most of Saturday, but today I woke up fever free....yippee! But also basically no voice. Reese is sneezing gigantic amounts of snot. It is super gross. Kyle thinks it's worthy of the guiness book of records almost every time. Luckily the flu meds worked for Kyle so my poor baby had some parental supervision! Friday night I got up with him from 3 am -3:45am, but Kyle got up at 5am AND 7am. That is the first time for Kyle to get up before 9am with the baby by himself. Today I got up at 7am (back in bed by 7:30am) but when I opened my eyes about 11:30am the bedroom door was closed and Kyle was gone, so I have no idea what time he got up with the boy. Kyle even had to give Reese a syringe of antibiotics ( another first) for his ear infection. So I just thought I'd let you know we weren't out doing some great fun stuff that would result in fabulous family photos on Monday. I am so disappointed I'm missing my book club today.

So don't forget to get to the doctor asap if you feel any flu symptoms! If you wait you get no meds!


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