Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the tooth struggle

After quite an ordeal and many, many wasted photos (thank goodness for digital) this is the best shot of the TWO teeth that I can get.
Yesterday after a 3 hour nap I asked Kyle to poke his head in to make sure the boy was in fact alive. He said come quick! They boy was laughing, on his knees, holding the railing working on standing up...time to lower the mattress again? I actually won't be able to reach him unless he sits up if we lower it further.
His new favorite game is to bang on the heating vents. The one in the kitchen is on the floor immediately next to the cat's food, so tipping the water bowl is another fun game. I've moved the cat stuff to the bathroom so he can go in there without us shrieking at him. We're quite sick off mopping up full bowls of cat water. Eating coupons has also become a favorite past time.
So my whole mommies' group (except me) is expecting or adopting. We have an April due date that we've known about forever it seems. Last week we found out we have a July due date and yesterday we found out we have a May due date. The only mom that already had 2 kids is in the thick of the adoption process and we're waiting with bated breath...a February "due date" perhaps. I must admit I am not just a little bit jealous. I do not actually want a 2007 baby followed by a 2008 baby, but I would like a 2009 baby. For nursing school purposes we decided to wait until I graduated which would make it Summer 2010 at the earliest. All my mommy friends will be on their third by then!! They will be tired and stressed with one year olds and infants so perhaps they'll let me hold their new babies enough to get my fill.

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