Thursday, February 28, 2008

busy busy busy

Reese has really started spending a lot of time sitting on his knees. He really wants to be vertical. His hair has grown too long to naturally mohawk, but Daddy missed it so much he added gel to Reese's do, hence the snazzy rocker look below. He is really getting into playing with his toys as opposed to just chewing them.

Helping Daddy measure.
hmmm...turn signal.
gear changer...very very interesting. He is spending serious time investigating things now.
OUCH! Those teeth really hurt, but this beef jerky provides some tasty (slobbery) relief.
Can you see the two bottom teeth? Here he's pulled up on the futon in pursuit of Tara, who is now safely in the window.

Mommy has a test tonight at school...yuck!

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